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Just wanted to give a shoutout about Monster Tote. What a great service!!!! The containers were so clean (very important to me). That was a huge concern I had before I signed up. They were actually cleaner than some brand new totes I had purchased before finding your company. To have a company drop them off and actually place in my garage and then pick them up at my new place is an awesome service. I highly recommend Monster Tote for anyone moving!!!
Sharon Egan

Monster Totes definitely made moving easier, more efficient, and less stressful! I just love this concept and the company! John was so easy to work with, friendly, helpful, flexible… I just can’t recommend the company and their service enough. The totes were clean, sturdy, the perfect size for carrying, and really helped us be efficient since they stacked so well. My 10 year old was even able to pack her room easily using the totes. Unpacking took longer than expected (doesn’t it always!?), but John was easy-going and understanding about extending my return date however many days I needed to. He said many times that he just wanted my move to go well and not be stressful. He absolutely helped to make that so!
Katie Bohrer

We just did a move with Monster Totes and they were great! I never realized how much time was spent taping together boxes while packing until I didn’t have to do that with these! They were way easier to stack and the movers also commented they were easier to unload and move. Would definitely use again and recommend to anyone moving! Ryan B. from Spring Creek Village

These were amazing for our most recent move! I didn’t realize how much time we used to spend taping together the boxes until we didn’t have to do that with these. Time savers! They also stacked easier than boxes and we’re waterproof so we could pack some things without worrying about them leaking into anything else. The movers even commented they were easier to load and unload and they loved them as well. Would definitely recommend and use again Britany W. from Spring Creek Village

We needed an easy way to move across town and didn’t want to buy a bunch of boxes that would only be used once. And we wanted something that provided protection for fragile items. The totes were perfect! We had them delivered a week ahead of our move which gave us enough time to get them packed. They stacked well in the U-Haul, provided excellent protection, and were easy to move with a dolly. A week after our move they were picked up at our new house. Easy peasy! Karl O. from Harvest Park

If anyone is in need of some environment-friendly options for moving, try using Monster Tote. They will deliver plastic totes for packing and then come pick them up to store or deliver to your new location. Deanna R. from Fossil Lake

Great idea – those totes are so usable and sturdy. Don’t have to worry about things poking through boxes!! Richard P. from Stagecoach

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